Steel Rule – Specialty

Specialty Cutting Rule

♦ Bendex

2pt rule available with either shaved or ground precision edge. Has outstanding flexibility and durability. Takes a #2 die bend.

♦ Helmex

2pt rule available with either shaved or ground precision edge. Takes a #X-3 die bend. Its hard 44Rc body with soft outer layer gives this rule inherent bendability and durability.

♦ Duredge

Has a shaved, hardened 56-58 Rc edge on a medium hard body. Assures long wear resistance and excellent bendability. Ideal for folding carton use, or wherever tight radius bends are needed.

♦ Nataloy

An extraordinary alloy steel that produces rule of greater toughness which combines the bendability of a medium hard rule with the strength of a #70 rule. Nataloy is available in most National cutting rules.

♦ Edge Hardened

Many National cutting rules are available edge hardened or can be ordered edged hardened in days.

♦ Self-Leveling

Shortens make-ready time.

♦ Rotary

National offers the most complete line of rotary rules in the industry and can make many specials in a matter of days.

♦ Micro Perf

Available in 30, 50, 60, and 70 TPI. Also available in any custom tooth and tie configuration., Heights from 1/2″ to 4″ n 2pt or 3pt

♦ Perf Rules

Available in any custom tooth and tie configuration. Heights from 1/4″ to 4″ in 2pt or 3pt, center bevel or side bevel. Custom orders can be produced in a matter of days.

♦ High Die

3pt and 4pt available in heights from 1/4″ to 4″. 2pt rule is available up to 2″ high

♦ Metal Blanking Rule

Rule is available in soft annealed steel or hard in 4, or 6pt. omes in 11 degree or 45 degree flus side bevel.


♦ J-1 Super Blade

Precision ground rule with superior bendability and long-lasting durability. Edge hardened to 59 Rc. Holds extremely tight tolerances +/-.0004. Rule was developed to be used with automated bending systems. Available in standard 60 degree bevel, 42 degree bevel for recycled paperboard, and 30 degree bevel for labels, plastics, and materials that have elasticity – and wherever extreme sharpness is required.

♦ Super Blade

Precision ground rule that is edge hardened to 59 Rc on a medium hard body with a soft outer layer to assure long wear and excellent bendability. This is an all-purpose rule for general die use.

♦ Seal Cutting (Label Rule)

Precision ground rule. Edge hardened to 53 Rc on a bendable body. Available in 12mm and 8mm heights. Extremely sharp cutting edge.

Special Rule Coatings Available

♦ Teflon

Creates a smooth, slick surface which prevents hard-to-eject material from sticking – also eliminates dust when cutting recycled paperboard.