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About AmeriKen

The company founded by Don and Ray Kengott in 1953 built a tradition around leadership, around quality, and has never lacked the courage or the imagination to move ahead and to be there for their customers as market conditions changed. Although both founders have been retired for a number of years, they watch with amazement, admiration, and pride how the company they built from humble beginnings has grown to become the industry leader.

It is no coincidence that the leaders who formed the Ameri-Ken Companies in 2001 by combining Ken Specialties, Ken Die Cutting Supplies and Ken Technology with American Die Supplies, are their five sons, Dale, Bryan, DJ, Richie and Randy.

In fact, by allowing their sons to participate in the business from an early age and earn their right to be there based upon merit only, they ensured both a healthy company and a seamless transition from one generation to the next. But this family built business understands that the past does not necessarily equal the future, and they are all working hard to integrate, to energize, and to drive the new organization forward.

In 2008 the decision was made to merge the three companies (Ken Specialties, Ken Die Cutting Supplies, and American Die Supplies) and rename the organization AmeriKen. “The industry came to know the companies as AmeriKen, the companies collectively were AmeriKen, it just made sense to be AmeriKen,” stated President of the Company, Dale Kengott.

AmeriKen now represents the most comprehensive inventories available anywhere in the world. Not only do they boast the most extensive line of the highest quality punches available in the market (over 3 million in stock), their custom engineering capabilities are second to none. AmeriKen’s vast inventory of supplies and equipment ranges from dieboard to steel rule, ejection material to make ready supplies, mallets to ruling equipment.

With their five convenient locations across the United States, AmeriKen has ensured this vast inventory is available from 8:00 am Eastern Time to 4:30 pm Pacific Time. Local and ground service delivery in each key area is but one of the many important advantages of the five locations.

Another strategic element that sets AmeriKen apart from their competitors is their custom designed integrated computer system. Not only does it provide seamless integration of the internal operations, but many of the key applications were designed with the customer’s needs and responsiveness as the primary priority.

One phone call to any AmeriKen Representative gives you Instant Access to every inventory item in all locations. Order status and tracking is just as easy, and with their proprietary inventory system, if your local office is not open and you need to check on your order, any of the other locations is able to provide the same level of customer service instantly.

AmeriKen continually invests every possible resource to ensure when you pick up the phone, you get what you want, where you want it, and when you need it!

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