Diemaking Supplies – Dieboard

Flat Dieboard

The highest quality dieboard on the market, available at all AmeriKen locations for convenient cost effective shipping.

Maple Flat
Our highest quality flat dieboard. This 100% maple dieboard has superior qualitites with thickness tolerances of +/-.005 consistent moisture content and ultra smooth face grade veneer.

New Maple
Hard maple on the outside with soft maple on the inside.

Euro Birch Flat
Our lowest cost laser compatible birch dieboard from Mill 44 in Russia.


Rotary Dieboard

♦ Superior thickness and diameter tolerances
♦ Superior life on press
♦ Superior rule holding ability
♦ Superior reknifability
♦ Superior 7-ply construction
♦ Quailty checked on a lathe-turned Ward cylinder to +/-.002
♦ CNC precision saw to within +/-.002

Glass smooth sanded faces of clear, white, hard rock maple

Mixed Core
A more affordable alternative to our premium rotary boards. These boards also have smooth sanded faces and are composed of hard and soft maple.


All dieboard meets or exceeds IADD specifications.