Diecutting Punches – Specialty


Many Specialty Punches described here are carried in stock, while others require custom ordering. Contact us for advice, availability, price and delivery. AmeriKen’s world renowned engineers will be glad to assist you.

Custom punches can achieve tight corners and intricate angles that far surpass capabilities of steel rule dies. We can produce shapes with cut edges as small as .020 wide.

AmeriKen’s ultra sharp cutting edges prevent angel hair and excessive diecutting dust. Precision heights do away with the hassle of press adjustments. Folding and scoring is easier.

To eliminate hand stripping, specially designed punches utilize outlet inserts for slug removal in cramped places.

Specialty punches can be engineered so they support the steel rule while cut edges are machined onto the block of steel, thus eliminating tight spots and the need for costly special bases.

Some of our speciality punches include:

♦ Relieved Punches

Some special applications require a punch whose inside or outside bevel must be relieved.

♦ Notched Punches

This custom punch has special machined notches which allow the customer to remove slugs as desired.

♦ Pointed Punches

Available with either a sharp end or a blunted end in base sizes 1/8″ and 3/16″ for use as a locator. Comes in standard heights. Other sizes available on request.

♦ Heavy Wall Punches

This specialty punch answers the need when a larger OD is necessary or a thicker tubular wall is required to make the punch stronger.

♦ Long Bevel

Longer bevels help prevent crushing of material, eliminating dust and contaminents, making materials easier to cut.

♦ Washer Sets

Custom made to order. Virtually any configuration can be custom manufactured. Contact our Engineering department for assistance. We test your material to determine the washer set that exactly fits your needs.

♦ Tube Punches up to 12″ diameter