Hard Tooling – Positive Stripping System

Positive Stripping System

AmeriKen’s Positive Stripping System can effectively strip the most difficult material, eliminating rule separation.

When converting thicker, tougher materials, the amount of ejection material required causes it to expand under pressure which deflects and damages the cutting knives. Further problems are also created when parts tend to stick to the tool, and repeated diecutting causes compression failure of ejection material. All these problems can be avoided with our Positive Stripping System.

Simply send us your completed steel rule die and we will manufacture a bolster/tooling plate on the bottom of your dieboard. A full internal ejector will be mounted with commercial die springs on the front of the tool, secured by bolts to the rear sub plate. This gives your die controlled compression with reduced tonnage, outstanding long life and unparalleled clean ejection of the die cut part.