Steel Rule – Cutting

Cutting Rule

AmeriKen stocks the world’s leading brands so you can get immediate shipment on cutting rule of the highest quality to meet your rigid requirements for high tolerances, bending properties, and durability. The uniformity and quality of cutting rule we supply can benefit you with lower press loads, dust-free cutting and reduction of make-ready time.


Standard Double Bevel (Center Bevel)

Most popular bevel in use today. It combines the greatest cutting ability and resistance to dulling and gives long life to the die. Bevel length is equal to thickness of rule.


Single Bevel (Side Bevel)

Recommended where the stock is exceptionally thick or difficult to cut. Bevel length is twice the thickness of rule.


Double Double Bevel (Long Center)

Requires less pressure than standard double bevel to cut thicker, heavier materials such as leather, cork, rubber, composition materials and thick corrugated or chipboard.


Double Single Bevel (Long Side)

This bevel requires less pressure than standard single bevel to cut thicker, heavier materials like the double double bevel.


Standard heights: .918, .923, .937, 1″, 1-1/8″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″
Many special heights from .250 to 4″ in stock and ready to ship!


Rockwell Hardness Availabilities

♦ Extra Hard (C53 – C56)

For extremely long runs, on straight work and circular bends 1/2″ diameter and over.

♦ Hard (C49 – C52)

Tough, long lived temper for straight work, slight bends and circular bends 1/4″ diameter and over.

♦ #70 (C45 – C48)

Slightly milder than hard. Gives long life and when carefully handled, takes 1/8″ diameter bends.

♦ Medium Hard (C42 – C44)

Used where long wearing and good bending is required. Easily takes bends as small as 1/8″ diameter and medium angular bends. Very popular.

♦ Soft (B90 – B100)

Used only where extreme bends are necessary. Ordinarily used as furnished for short runs. For longer runs, many diemakers use soft rule to make intricate bends and then harden it. This method results in dies that are easier to shape but have the longer life attributes of harder types above.


Available Rule Thicknesses

Point Size Decimal Equivalent (inches) Metric Equivalent (mm)
1 0.014 0.3556
1-1/2 0.021 0.5334
2 0.028 0.7112
3 0.042 1.0668
4 0.056 1.4224
6 0.083 2.1082
8 0.112 2.8448