Diemaking Supplies – Ruling Tools

Rule Cutters

Handy rule cutter is designed to cut 2 and 3 pt rule. Also works well when cutting coil or as a universal cutter when away from the bench.

Accu-Sharp Rule Sharpener

The world’s fastest rule sharpener. Replacement blades and scissor sharpener also available.


Rule Pullers

Use these standard mechanic’s tools for pulling rule from dieboards at a fraction of the cost of “expensive” types. A large selection of sizes is available. Call for details.

Rule Setter


The rule setter ensures your rule is inserted undamaged, perfectly seated, and level with every other rule in the dieboard.


Mechanical Rule Puller

Use the mechanical rule puller for pulling rule from dieboards in a fraction of the time of hand rule pullers.

Misc. Ruling Tools

AmeriKen carries a large variety of miscellaneous ruling tools, including digital and paper micrometers, tack hammers, pocket scribers, and wood chisels.