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CimPACK for Diemakers

CimPACK for Diemakers is a very easy to learn packaging design program that was written with you the user in mind. Many common operations have “hotkeys” which by-pass the menus for faster access. CimPACK for Diemakers can exchange DXF, CCF2, HPGL, DWG, DDES (IT8.6), and Adobe Illustrator AI/EPS) files with other CAD systems, and can drive mot plotters, lasers, counter cuttrs, and rule processors.

Basic Version

A set of construction tools for adding and manipulating features such as bridges, punches, hanger holes, stripping/breaker knives, dieboard handles, and die-edges are included to make dieboard construction easy. You can also add balancing rules and chase registration holes. Powerful freehand techniques allow artistic work such as sketching, bending, stretching, and smoothing out digitized shapes. Full linear and ordinate dimensioning capabilities are available.

Layout Design – Both automatic and semiautomatic nested layouts for optimum sheet use. Of course manual override is always available.

Sample Making – Creation of samples is made simple with automatic matrix designing and built in support for most samplemakers. Perf, cutscore, cut-crease, and even reverse cutscore can be added to the sample design.

Parametric Design – Create your own parametric standards for designs you run frequently. If you have a number of similar designs to program, you only need to program it once, change one or more of the dimensions, and then have the other lines update automatically.

Advanced Version

Includes all of the basic Diemakers features plus all of the pre-press tooling design features. These powerful tools make it easy to create Male and Female Stripping Boards including the new SF/SC components, Flat Top Blankers including the new EasiBlank system and the new Speed Bar presser bar system, Phenolic Counter Plates, Steel Counters, and Ejection Rubber Designs.

Rotary Diemaking

If you’re a rotary diemaker, a complete set of rotary options is available for creating these tools and can be added to any of the CimPACK for Diemakers products. These tools include bolthole patterns for most standard presses, stripping rule grids, and a special Rotary Bridging function that makes rotary bridging a snap. Rotary options cannot be added to the CimPACK Designer Edition.