Diecutting Supplies – Nicking Tools


The Speedy-Nick and Speedy-Nick Jr are precision nicking tools used to accurately nick steel rule dies. Simply place the tool on the edge of the steel rule to be nicked, apply pressure to the ball handle, and exact depth and width nick is inserted in the rule, all without compromising the ejection.

The consistent pressure combined with the proprietary straight wall nicking profile produces and exact width and depth nick every time.

Enjoy a simple, safe, one-handed operation.

So affordable you can have multiple sizes at your fingertips, ready to go, or quickly change out the tip for different sizes as needed.

Speedy-Nick Sizes: .015, .020, .025, .032. Jr Sizes: .010 and .012. Custom size tips available upon request.

The standard tool gives optimum results on 2pt rule, while the Jr tool only handles up to 2pt rule. We strongly recommend reading our instructional pdf prior to using your Speedy Nick for the first time , click here.

QuickNick Grinder

The 110 volt, 1/10th HP motor is standard and an optional 110 volt, 1/8th HP variable speed motor is available.  A 3ft flex shaft is standard with an optional 5ft or 6ft length. The pneumatic QuickNick comes with a regulator and 5ft distribution hose. Other hose lengths available.

Each grinder comes with 13 grinding wheels for controlled nick widths. Sizes include .006, .008, .012, .016, .020, .025, .031, .047, .063, .078, .094, .109, and .125.

AmeriKen also carries low cost hand and air grinders. Call for pricing and availability.


Grinding Wheels

1-1/2″ diameter with 1/8″ center available in .015, .020, .025, .031, .040, .062, .093 and .125

1-5/8″ diameter with 9/32″ center available in .012, .016, .020, .025, .031, .047, .063, .078, .094 and .125

2″ diameter with 1/8″ center available in .012, .016, .020, .025, .031, .047, .063, .078, .094, and .125


Grinding wheels are available in rubber bonded, thin, medium, thick and extra thick reinforced and diamond. Call for sizes and availability.