Die Shop Equipment – Manual Bending Dies

Accessories and Dies for Rule Benders

Ameriken carries a complete line of accessories and bending dies. We have convenient starter kits that include the most frequently used die sets for the following applications.


Most Common Accessories Found in Corrugated Die Shops

Most Common Dies found in General and Folding Carton Die Shops

Standard Dies for Helmold Rule Benders

Helmold’s bending dies are fabricated from the highest quality hardened tool steel using a computer-controlled EDM machining process. This ensures the dies are the most precise and durable dies available in the industry. All standard dies shown are for 2pt soft temper rule.

These symbols indicate those dies which can be opened up for thicker rule by milling a small portion of the die. Dies not marked with any symbol cannot be opened up to accommodate thicker rule.


Special Dies for Helmold Rule Benders

The illustrations below are examples of bends which require special dies. To have special dies like these made to your specifications, contact your local AmeriKen representative.