Diecutting Punches – How to Order a Punch

How to Order a Punch

Essential Information:

The minimum required information needed when ordering a punch is quantity, height, cut size, and style (i.e. side outlet, feed thru, tube, etc.).

Remember – The more thorough the information given, the less chance of any mistakes!

Additional Information:

  1. What is the job that you are doing?
  2. What kind of die are you using?
  3. What type of material is being cut?
  4. What are the quantity of pieces being cut?
  5. Are you using a new or old die?
  6. Do you want to keep the slug or the outside shape?
  7. What type of press are you using?
  8. What is the thickness of the dieboard?
  9. Can you provide a sketch or print?
  10. Is the shape mirrored?
  11. Are there adhesives or liners?
  12. Is the punch used for kiss cutting?
  13. Can a print or file be sent via modem in .dxf format?
  14. Are there any restrictions due to rule, other punches or spaces between cuts?

Helpful Hints:

When ordering standard punches it is best to use the suppliers catalog along with their part number. You can find part numbers on our Products page.

If possible FAX or Email your order, making sure to include all of the following information:

  1. Company name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. FAX number
  5. Person to contact
  6. Date and Purchase Order number

When sending a print, make sure that all of the dimensions are included on the print.

Do not be afraid to ask questions!! We are here to help.