Blank-Rite Blanking Systems

Let us show you how to Blank-Rite for less. We have blanking kits for all Bobst presses, with every component needed for blanking.

High quality, reusable parts
Fast and simple assembly
Light weight, easy to install
Faster make-ready times
Higher press speeds & yields
It's half the price of other systems!

Blanking Kit

High strength, lightweight frame
Reinforced corner brackets
Adjustable machine mounts
Centerline bracket

Extended Joggers

Complete mounting capabilities
Small-scale housing
Fully enclosable, telescopic slides
Attached side rail support plate
Interchangeable, surface polished, weighted slides
Adjustable, vibration resistant extension

Flexible Pressers

Patented non-jamming design
Tested over 300,000,000 impressions at 11,200 sheets an hour
without jamming
Heavy-duty construction combined with a high impact polymer and a
rigid connection to the presser bar creates an ideal blanking system
for high press speeds and long production runs
Streamlined manufacturing process and a mimimal number of
custom parts provide for a low cost unit
Robust design and engineered materials ensure optimal strength
and endurance
Self-lubricating polymer minimized the wear resistance between
moving parts and eliminates any rust or corrosion
Universal design is used independently or in conjunction with multiple
units along a presser bar
The height for the presser bar has been measured and is pre-set
All hardware is included with thread locking patches on the bolts
and screws
Adhesive rubber is included with the presser bar