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Diecutting Supplies - Make-Ready

Shim Tape

Our self-adhesive Shim-O-Flex tape of hardened stainless steel is available in the following sizes. (All sizes are noted as height, width, and length of roll.)

.001  x  5/16"  x   90'          .004  x  5/16"  x   30'         
.002  x  5/16"  x   33'          .004  x  5/16"  x   33'
.002  x  5/16"  x   60'          .004  x  5/16"  x   90'
.002  x  5/16"  x  100'         .004  x  5/16"  x  100'
.002  x  5/16"  x  180'


We also carry bleached white, kraft, glassine spot tape, as well as double faced tape.

Glassine Tape.0015 x 1/4"   x  500'.0015 x 1/2" x  500'
White Spot Tape.003  x  1/4"   x  225'.006  x  1/4"  x  500'
White Spot Tape.003  x  1/4"   x  500'.006  x  1/2"  x  500'
White Spot Tape.003  x  1/2"   x  500'
PSA Spot Tape.006  x  1/4"   x  500' Kraft .006  x  1/4"  x500' White


Stop Guides

Available in a large one-piece guide (Box of 40) or small two-piece guide size (Box of 100) .937.


Adjustable Diecutting Guide

A low profile adjustable guide for print-to-cut registration and fast make-ready. Comes in full size of 2" x 2" or half size 2" x 1".

Nylon Locating Pins

Reusable .316 diameter locators are designed to precisely transfer counters from cutting dies to cutting plate for accurate registration. Available with or without square nylon bushing for pin. A snug-fitting rubber bushing which fits around the pin for ejection purposes is also available.

One-Piece Quoins with Keys

Lock dies into chases with speed and precision using these easy-to-tighten quoins. One piece quoins come in 3", 6", 9", and 12" lengths and are capable of expanding from 48 to 60 points in 1 point steps from 0 to 12 pts.

High speed keys, T-head keys, replacement shanks, and right angle pressman's are also available.